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Thread: Master Portfolio Thread

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    Ohh my , Mr_Ninjutsu, its fantastic, good job as always.

    Dear MattyWS,

    Could you kindly replace my portfolio with this new baby please. I tried my very best but struggled quite abit. I have done some brilliant interactive PDF`s for my models, but cant get them in. Next step is to make a interactive CV,I should of had it done but this website took ages. I hope I'm on the right track with this, because I really need to do some impressing.

    I fell every time a employer sees my CV ,he tosses it aside, but one day im gonna toss him aside.

    I will defiantly be updating this, so sorry for the extra work I am causing you.

    Sorry Carwash, I did say bright and colour full, and very appealing to the human eye, but I couldn't pull it off. There are three images in the portfolio section, which i cant get rid off. This isint finished but at least i can call it mine for now.

    Thanks all,
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    Hey Undercover! Thanks

    Just a couple of tips for your(and anyone elses) portfolio, get rid of the splash screen! Or make it less of a splash screen(a home screen) by adding your artwork in there, like a gallery. As they are there to see your artwork and most likely do not have a lot of time because of other applicants. It's even more pointless having a splash screen if you have an About Me section.

    I was a little confused on your about me page as to why you put Junior artist? It's a little misleading as junior artist assumes professional work and work your still in as opposed to being free of work and unemployed which only contradicts itself on the next line. It's something small but that line isn't really neccessary.

    My Names Kahraman Nas and Im a 3D Artist from London. My goal is to be working in a Games Studio surrounded by industry professionals, making games and working part of a team.

    I am curently studying the Games Artist & Animator course at Train2Game and have been doing so for the past two years.

    I've had game development experience as I'm currently a Weapon Modeller for Eathwave Studios. We currently are working on our first game Gates of Eternity. GOE is a story driven RPG with Action and simulation Elements on the Planet Mea. (provide link to Earthwave studios)

    Also i'd get rid of 'Passion is the Key to success', even though i agree it's really not needed and it feels really strange to see it on a portfolio site. Also i'd make the gallery easier to navigate. I know that sounds strange but if you look at some professional portfolios there is a common theme. Andre Walhgren / Alex Jerjomin / Dan-Art are good examples. Straight to the work. Good use of page space.

    Hoped this revision and links helped.
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    Thanks Mr_Ninjutsu,

    Great useful information. I will defiantly change this and make a new one, In the fantasy world I live in ,I'm a Junior artist, I refuse to put demolition Laborer, I prefer having no job.

    I fell this is holding me back, not having no experience and crapy working background, all back fires on me, this Is where work Experience comes in very handy.
    Actually I will wait and when I get some job or some cash, I will pay to make a portfolio, its clear I cant do it.

    Great links, thanks for all your help, I have took everything on board, and I will create a new one. will provide Links and other stuff .

    Dear MattyWS,

    Sorry to be a pain but could you remove my one please for now, I fell all it does is embarrass me. When I create another, I will let you know.


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    Do not do Flash sites!

    Countless times I have been told by professional developers they hate looking at them.

    There is no need for some fancy show. Just show the work that they want to see.

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    Sorry I missed your post Rambo, edited the main post now.

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    Mr ninjitsu... is it my computer being poo or is your site down? I just get a blank screen...

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    Added you, sorry I havent been at a computer with the internet for a long time!

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