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Thread: Is the games development course worth it

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    Default Is the games development course worth it

    Hey people was just looking for some feedback on the course had an interviewer out last nite all sounded
    very as one would expect as ther not get money if it doesn't. Was just to get the low down from people that
    are doing the course, how your finding it?,what's it like?,is it worth the money?,do you see it helping you
    get into the game industry?,and are you enjoying it?
    If anyone could give me there honest opinion would be really good as im on the fence and would like to go
    ahead but need to know as much as i can before i make a choice.

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    I posted this to a similar question regarding the tester course:

    Things are not always as rosy as they seem, the course is a lot of money and the starting wage of a tester is quite low and by low I mean likely to be minimal wage.
    There is of course no guarantee of work after completing the course and there has to my knowledge never been a course in games QA testing it is unique.
    Whether it teaches the skills we (employers) need remains to be seen.

    I would also consider location, where do you live? What studios or publishers are in the area? Is there even a local company to apply to upon completion?
    I have had to move countless times to continue my career in the industry, it is absolutely worth considering locations and commitments.

    So what will the course give you? At the end of the day it hopefully will give you an edge over the competition and help you get your foot in the door, many people still studying have started work as testers.

    In all honesty I would suggest applying and see how you get on with a potential employer it may be a case that you donít need the course and can get in and on to work without it, then again it might not, but there is only one way to find out.

    Hope this helps to give you a more rounded picture of things.
    If you want to discuss games QA or games working life in general feel free to contact me.



    Most of this does apply to any course, I will say this though the developer course will actually teach you to programme, which is an incredibly useful thing. Develoeprs get paid much more than other roles so ignore the money thing. The location thing applies, as does no one having finished as yet.

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    From my perspective as a design student with T2G - yes, it is worth the money. If you put the effort in - you will be rewarded. I've already worked on a two month work placement with DR studios, and I'm about to start my second placement next Monday with AppCrowd Studios. The course has cost me just under £5000, but by the end of my second placement, I will of pretty much earned that money back, as T2G fund the placements. Some folks may think its a steep price to pay, for some - maybe, but with the support I've received from DR and T2G - they've invested a huge amount in aiding me break into the industry.

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    Cheers for the advice think im going to go ahead with it as by the sounds of it that if i put in the effort i'll get the reward im looking for

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    thats good to hear maverick, hope to see you around

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