Now I can put something together to create up a little meet up just to hang out and chat, look over the following Details tell me if you got any problems with them and I'll see about putting it all together!

p.s. T2G any chance of getting some T-shirts sent through so we can walk the streets cheering for the Sons and Daughters of SKYRRRR........T2G!!!!!

Location: Exeter - Capital of Devon(next to Cornwall and Dorset) exactly south of Bristol(any further into Wales i got no clue)

Time: would be around 4PM - last Bus and Train from Exeter tends to be around midnight.

Date: End of Febuary when I don't feel like Death(lol)

Dresscode: T2G T-shirts??????? "pulls puppy dog eyes"

This good for ye or no?

Get back to me on this one everyone and Thunderball I expect your help on this one.....afterall we neibours! lols