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    Hi, we are currently looking to recruit an additional programmer into our team, ‘Divine Innovations.’ The projects we work on require a working knowledge and good understanding of how the C++ language works. Because of this, applicants should be at least up to section 2 part B of the course.

    Divine Innovations is a growing freelance/indie development team formed since March 2011 by Train2Game students. We currently have 5 team members and one small freeware game to our name. We are a small team, and value good communication from each of our members, as well as sound organisational skills. Because we are T2G students, we are aware of the demand and time constraints of almost every circumstance students may be going through at the same time as our projects, and as a result we make a very understanding, friendly bunch of fellow students. We have grown in skill and numbers since formed, and now feel we would like to bring someone else in for the ride.

    If you would like to get involved, you will be jumping into a current project and hopefully wanting to stay with us for the future. We are a big fan of student development here, and believe we can all work and learn together, offering a hands on learning style which you may not be getting at the moment.

    All we need from you is:


    Forum ID:


    Have you built any games/prototypes/samples in c++?:

    Do you have regular internet access?: (For online meetings etc)

    Additional skills, such as use of DirectX, platform programming, or other programming languages?:

    If you’d like to go for it, here are the benefits:

    * Become part of a growing team

    * Fellow student support

    * Portfolio enhancement

    * An alternative learning style

    * Find out how a team functions: things that go right, things that go wrong, team process

    * Be a cog in the great wheel of ‘Concept to Completion’

    * Have your name on credits, and on our group website, soon to be up and online

    We look very forward to hearing from you and hope you are interested. We have room for one programmer at present, so can only get one person through. Please PM me, Chris Shepherd (lead Programmer)


    Divine Innovations

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    Hi Chris,

    You mention a freeware game to your name. Do you have a link to it so that potential candidates can see your previous work?



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