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Thread: Big Phat Tutorial Topic

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    And, soon animation... so heres some breakfast! :

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    What have i just watched....

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    Its an extremity of animation, but heres the simpler end of the spectrum:

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    Another tutorial on using zbrush. This ones an hour long.

    Hope you enjoy!


    ‘If required’, make a base mesh in 3Ds Max or Maya to act as the main mesh with the topology in place plus the UV’s set and ready.
    Begin modelling your sculpture in preparation for being decimated and re-topologised and also UV’d.

    Once the model is ready with new topology and UV’s, bring it back into zbrush or mudbox for texturing. This is usually done as an obj file import.

    Once the base diffuse is ready, you can export it out from Zbrush and refine the texture(s) there. Also the normal mapping and spec mapping can be refined or generated.

    The obj and textures can be brought together in 3dsmax or the game engine for previewing and tweaking. I would probably spend just as much time on textures, previewed in various lighting conditions, as you would with the actual modelling phase.

    Now its time to skin and rig for animation…

    Your model should be in an open stance with suggestions to what angle limbs would bend, this will allow the skeletal rig or biped rig to be skinned correctly.

    Use IK chains and IK controller or Reaction manager (set driven keys) to control how the model moves. This will make animation an easier process.

    And that’s pretty much it!


    Main base mesh

    1a)Base mesh in max or maya with good topology and UV’s done
    1b)Freeform Sculpt in Zbrush or Mudbox with the intent of re-topology in 3Dcoat or other application. Also UV’s need to be set

    Re-import or import obj

    Texturing in Zbrush or Mudbox

    Export all back to max or maya for skin, rig and animation

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    Low->High poly tutorial guide:

    This is one I found a while back and I have re-uploaded it to my youtube channel

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    My Buddy Bruce making a base Mesh in Maya:

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    Crazy bump style material editing in 3dsMax 2012:


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    Nice Dude Could use you to design me some characters if your free PM me if interested

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