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Thread: Big Phat Tutorial Topic

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    Texturing tips tutorial

    Software: 3dsMax, zbrush, photoshop.

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    Thumbnailing, concepting, modelling, UVmapping, texturing, rigging and animating a HandGun.

    THE VIDEOS: (All 1080HD)

    Thumbnailing and Concepting
    The Thumbnails:
    Proposals (Part 1 of 3) :
    Proposals (Part 2 of 3) :
    Proposals (Part 3 of 3) :
    Final Design :

    The handgun model (Image planes) :
    The Handgun model (part 1 of 3) :
    The Handgun model (part 2 of 3) :
    The Handgun model (part 3 of 3) :
    The handgun unwrapped (techniques) : - uploading check after 3pm today (20/12/11)
    The Handgun unwrapped (extended) :

    The handgun taken into Zbrush for normal Mapping:
    The handgun, final steps to making the textures:
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    Updates made in previous post , new handgun tutorial videos.

    Also part 8 of the hydrant is also ready:
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    last part of the snow painting

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    Handgun UV mapping (extended video) :

    Soon to follow: Zbrush for 'base' and normal map texturing and photoshop for enhancing textures. Alsp making bump maps and converting them into normal maps.

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    Another video on painting the handgun using Zbrush:

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    Final part of texturing:
    (all parts can be found on the 2nd post on this page or via the GeeksGarage link in the signature )

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    Im pretty much done with tutorials for the year and will now be looking for good ones online so here is an amazingly useful toot:

    Happy Hogmany, wish you all the best for 2012!
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    New texturing tutorial:

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    Thank you Robert Ramsay,

    It was very educational and quite hard,seems simple now that i think about it, but the whole process in general was chalanging. Highly recommended -

    I think it started going pear shape as soon as the Omni lights got involved,the spec really kicked in but my view port was allot brighter then yours.


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