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Thread: Big Phat Tutorial Topic

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    that ui in 3ds max looks juicy.. or is that maya?

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    Its maya, and from this tutorial it will get you doing some stuff. I for one want to start using maya.

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    part 6 is uploaded ! go to the first page, bottom post.

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    i do find 3ds max hard on my eyes.. but i do wanna learn both.

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    Okay, heres a 2 part tutorial on making an oil Drum:

    Software Used: 3ds Max, Photoshop

    Duration: 1.5 hours (over 2 parts)

    Details: Modelling, UV mapping, texturing (Diffuse, Specular and normal)


    Video PART1:

    Video PART2:

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    Part 7 of the videos By Bruce B is ready :

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    Thats part 2 uploaded of the oil drum tutorial:

    Thank you

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    This is FZD School based in shanghai, it is a design school, not an online course but they have many many great tutorials of industrial design, character concepting, environment art and concepting and much more, over 140 (YES 140!) amazing videos well worth the watch. This is the STANDARD!


    BTW, he does apologize for coughing many times lol.
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    some really impressive tuts going on , i can see this is going to become a treasured resource . seeing as there is already modeling ones on the go i thought i would chuck in a painting one , the first part is a bit long but the rest are shorter and i ramble less

    having trouble with the embed code for some reason
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    nice 1 swamps, what Software are you using there and some details about what the video includes would be good

    Ta much

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