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    Default Live Internet Training HELP!!

    Hi hope someone can reply to this as soon as. I'm supposed to be attending the Winning Pitch LIT right now and went through to the site and went through the setup for Centra but whenever I click on Attend, and after agreeing to allow the program access to my computer nothing happens. it instead just takes me back through to the page for upcoming events and no audio is playing. Am I doing something wrong. Someone please help I've already missed nearly half of the LIT.

    O.K editing the post because I've just found out through a couple of webmails that were sent to me that as this is my third no show I have been banned from attending future LITS. The first 2 no shows were admittedly my fault due to poor scheduling, but this third I have made a point of clearing my schedule and even logged in 15 minutes before to make sure, however due to horrible luck I am unfairly I might add being penalised.
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    Everything seems to be sorted now. Thank God that's one less thing to worry about.

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    O.k little bit of an update I've gotten back home from work and tried to playback a past session to check that everything is o.k but I'm running into the same problems as before with Centra looking as if its loading up and then not running at all. I've already sent off a webmail to my tutor team but if anyone on here can offer advice as well I would be extremely grateful.

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    If you mean Centro looking like it is loading in the browser, are you using firefox? Apparently firefox is a bit broken at the moment for LIT. Or if you mean Centro actually launches in its own window before freezing, then I don't know.

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    Hey I've managed to get it sorted thanks to the tutor team. It was actually Internet explorer I was using for my browser. It appears that the problem was that I didn't have Java installed on my computer. I've tried through google chrome and now everything is sorted finally. *Phew* Thanks for the help though.

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