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Thread: The "Master" FAQ

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    Just about every FAQ got an update today, make sure you check them out

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    Just added Karu's awesome list of Arty resources!

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    ok i do have one question which i keep thinking it is answered but still confuses me as someone else contradicts the answer.
    The course itself. is it actually a three year time limit? or can you take as much time as you need over the course to account for other interests and situations regarding hobbies or other tasks? i read some info somewhere suggesting its a 3 year limit, but other info suggesting its limitless, you can take as much time as u need.
    any helps is fantastic guys
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    Simpy put, you can take however long you feel you need to complete the course

    However the course SHOULD take you about 3 years to complete as a guideline.
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    These FAQs have helped me a lot thanks!

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    This may need updating as it was last updated 14 months ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndigoWhite View Post
    This may need updating as it was last updated 14 months ago?
    Nearly a year since this request but the FAQ definitely DOES need updating. Especially the time limit, which there is. Link.
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