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Thread: The "Master" FAQ

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    Question The "Master" FAQ

    Welcome to THE "MASTER" FAQ

    If you got a question, this is your first stop. Chances are one of the members has already answered it, and those frequent enough will pop up here. What I've done also is split the questions into sections, because if I put them all here you would be reading for days just to find the question you are wanting to ask.

    Also included are some great NON-FAQ's threads I've split these down into the authors that wrote the original post. All are well worth the read

    If you have anything to add to this FAQ or any others feel free to reply here or on the FAQ's directly with what you think should be added. I'm always on the hunt for great NON-FAQ threads to add here so feel free to post them here also


    Threads That Need To Be Read












    Vampire Duck





    Interesting Articles

    T2G Student Resources!

    External T2G Communities

    There are loads of questions on this forum, and us, as the lovely community we are try our best to get them all answered. But these can get...repetative. So, I decided to compile a FAQ list with commonly asked questions, and relative answers or discussion threads if necessary posted here.

    I really hopes this helps us all


    Q: I read about Train2Game elsewhere and I am concerned, is Train2Game legitimate?

    A: Yes, Train2Game’s courses are completely legitimate. They have been designed by industry professionals from DR Studios with input from other Tiga member studios, to meet the needs of the industry. The T2G courses are relevant to current industry needs and are updated regularly (as this recent update shows) to keep pace with changes in the games industry. The University of Bedfordshire is using components of our course as part of its Computer Science and Technology Degree programme. Similarly, the University or Portsmouth is incorporating our courses too, as part of its Creative Technologies Courses. The courses have been ‘benchmarked’ against University degree programmes, more information here.

    Q: What are Course Advisors and why do they need to assess me before I start the course?
    A: From The Official Website Q&A
    Many of our course advisors are educated to a degree standard and all are carefully trained by the company to be able to assess the students’ individual circumstances and to make sure that the student makes an informed choice as to course selection and career direction. Not everyone is cut out to be a programmer and similarly, not everyone has the creative talent to be an artist or animator. The role of the course advisor is to assess an individual’s suitability for the course but also to ensure there is an understanding of the level of commitment necessary to work through the material successfully. Finally, it also falls to the Advisors to make sure that students, or their parent/guardian, are aware of their financial obligations in paying for the training. As advocates of the Government guidelines on responsible lending, this is an important but necessary aspect of the Advisor’s job role.
    Q: Can I take the courses outside of the UK?
    A: Not at this time, No, the sheer logistics of it require you to be a UK resident.

    Q: I haven't received my login details yet, I'm getting worried. How long does it take?
    A: Between 2-3 working weeks. Personally I received it in 20 days, I know some people who had to wait a little longer. If it's longer than 21 days get in touch with T2G via phone call. Whilst you wait you may want to work through the Intro book again or spend some time reading on the forums and interacting with your fellow students. Your student login will be on top of your confirmation letter, it is something similar to AB1234567C, it's that combination of letters and numbers.

    Q: I have not yet received the course materials I need to continue my studies, who can I contact?
    A: The Course kit you are left with at your enrolment contains everything that is required for you to begin your course with T2G. T2G do not leave the complete course content with you at the enrolment stage because they have to ensure that you work through the materials systematically and ensure you receive the most up to date materials. Requests for materials can be made by using the Student World Webmail System or by contacting your Tutor. Your Tutor Team is available for contact as and when you require assistance so do make sure you contact them. If you are still unsure what you should have in your possession after enrolment please do not hesitate to contact T2G on 0845 272 8796.

    Q: Do I get game maker 7 pro? Or should I buy it?
    A: NO don't buy it. Developers recieve GM7 Pro as soon as they get their details, designers have to wait until lesson 10 before they get PRO. Goto and get the lite version whilst you wait, it still offers a lot, just not full functionallity.

    Q: I've got a problem with my course, for example, "I didn't recieve a section" or "I really don't understand this... HELP!"

    A: Ok first port of call is your tutor team, accesible via webmail on student world or by phone at 0845 272 8796. If this isn't working for you find MattB on the forums they work for T2G and maybe able to help you more directly. NOTE: If you do have a situation like this and you need to contact MattB, do it via a PM and explain it in full detail so they can understand what your problem is. If you PM them "I NEEEEDED SOME HELP! AHH" That won't help anyone

    Q: I want to put my student ID on my signature, will that be a great idea?
    A: NOOOOOOOOOOO, Never disclose any student information. NEVER

    Q: Where should I say hello?
    A: Newbies Section, Top Of The Forums

    Q: Are you on the XBOX Live and Playstation Networks? What are your tags?
    A: We got a little thread dedicated to tags -

    Q: How long is this course going to take me?

    A: Depends on your circumstances, there is no concrete time limit for completion. Personal Note: It isn't a race, you have got at least 3 years to complete this course. Take your time, know the material.

    Q: This forum and course is quite daunting. got anything to reassure me?
    A: I refer you to a similar case -

    Q: Who/What is TIGA?
    A: From
    Tiga exists to represent and to serve the interests of games developers and associated businesses. TIGA's vision is to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business. We focus on three sets of operational activities: political representation, generating media coverage and developing services that enhance the competitiveness of our members.
    Q: Have you got to complete all the SMA's before you go onto the TMA's?
    A: Well the SMA's are marked by you so it's upto you when you do them. Although it is advisable you do these SMA's because if you struggle with these, you will struggle with the TMA's. They help you test your knowledge in the middle of a section, so I'd make sure you do them

    Q: How do I go about doing a TMA?

    A: Get your DVD and put it into your PC, go to the section TMA you want to do and then you work your way through the list of questions on the left, you DO NOT press SUBMIT untill you have answered all your questions and have re-checked your answers.

    Q: Why do I get an email saying my TMA has been marked and when I goto Student World it just says "Being Marked"?
    A: It's the way the system works. It takes a few days to pop up for some reason. TIP: If this happens login in to your Train2Game DVD and see if the next section is available to you then you passed .

    Q: Where can I find out more info on the courses?
    A: and use the bright orange "REQUEST INFO" button at the very top right.

    Q: What are thread tags and why should I use them?
    A: Thread tags are basically keywords that describe the contents of the thread. By adding them to your threads you make your thread more easily searchable by forum members and other Internet users. Making use of tags takes a couple of seconds and improves the functionality and ease-of-use of the forums.'
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    I'd like to add a point.


    Then plan some more. I've made a right royal mess of things by jumping straight in. It's not good, it will halt you in your tracks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmpBake View Post
    I'd like to add a point.


    Then plan some more. I've made a right royal mess of things by jumping straight in. It's not good, it will halt you in your tracks.

    Amen to that.

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    Ok I added a few new Good Points, and restructured the original post to make it...easier on the eye.

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    great thread this one - thanks for puuting this together IW and others subsequently

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    Hey guys and gals, going to be reviewing my FAQ's and this list in the next few hours, feel free to let me know either on here or via a PM if there's something you feel should feature on any FAQ or this list.

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    New appearances from klankey and gnipper, with BHMM making another entry onto the list.


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    New entries from Rich and Entertainer.

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    Renamed thread and rearranged slightly.

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