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Thread: The "Master" FAQ

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    Davywavy makes his first appearance with his thread on Licensed Games Development.

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    New Code Marmalade entry.

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    New article entry from BHMM

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    Gerrard4000's Student Map features.

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    Can't believe I haven't added this in before....but the T2G Wiki that Rich has worked on for sometime has finally hit the Master FAQ....

    My bad on not getting it in here sooner.

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    2 new Art Jams make the cut.

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    2 new debutants in roseenglish and MarkMD76.

    roseenglish has forced me (in a good way) to create a whole new section. Titled T2G Student Resources, this section will be resources that can be only got if you are a T2G Student. Rose provides us with 120+ textures for us to use in our projects.

    MarkMD76 who's had 7 games published on the XBox Live Indie channel provides some useful information regarding taxes and how they work with this scheme.

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    Latest Art Jam added.

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    Added T2G external communities - basically ways to connect through various social networks.

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    Kren makes his 2nd appearance with his lengthy post on computer purchase advice

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