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Thread: The "Master" FAQ

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    Shiny new logos for all the FAQ's

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    Started a list of Articles, first one to feature, "Why your game idea sucks"

    A great article to read for those worried about providing information on their game idea online.
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    Added Krens piece on Web Hosting.

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    I make my first NON-FAQ appearance with my find "So You're Designing An MMORPG?"

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    Vampire Duck makes his first appearance with The Importance Of Descriptive Thread Titles.

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    0x5CC7FD68 makes an appearance on the Master FAQ with the 3 Code Marmalade Challenges.

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    You might want to put all of Jason's "Art Jam" threads up there too then :-)

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    All part of the plan, wanted to get a little Minecraft in first :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndigoWhite View Post
    All part of the plan
    ....and done

    So JasonP makes a first time appearance also with the 3 Art Jam Challenges.

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    Rearranged the format a little making certain sections more visible, so you will now see 4 sections, FAQ's, Threads That Need To Be Read, Challenges & Interesting Articles

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