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Thread: [Blog] How to be a 'kick-ass' coder

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    Here's an interesting one for those of you on the Train2Game game development course, an interesting blog on how to be a 'kick-ass' coder from the #altdevblogaday series.

    Find out more here on the Train2Game blog!

    What are your thoughts on the tips for becoming a kick-ass coder? And what tips would you give to others?

    Leave your comments on the Train2Game blog, or here on the Train2Game forum.

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    the blog is quite short and common sense but if you dont usualy follow any of the suggestions its worth checking out. My tip would be though ive only limited expirience is keep your code organised (as they say in the blog) its very easy to get it all mixed up then spend ages looking through code to find what your looking for.

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