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    Default Methods of presenting work

    Hi all,

    There is a chapter in section 3 of the AA course that discusses good practises of displaying your work to its full potential. Seeing as some of you are looking at placements or employment in their own right it may be an idea to share some of that info early on.

    So, imagine the scenario. You've spent an age designing a character/prop, then you model it, then you UV it, then you texture it (then possibly rig and animate it too) but you end up with a few renders at different angles. Hardly seems like a fair exchange.

    So to make the most of your work you need to all the stages, on one or two sheets if you can. If you created a rough concept then show it. Show the model in flat shaded view. show it with wire frame one and show it textured. Take a snap shot of your UV layout and show the texture/s you created too. Showing as much of this will make for some great pages but also it lets employers see where your strengths are. If you model is good but the texture lets it down then that may to be an issue if the studio has a dedicated texture artist and vice versa.

    Adding poly stats and texture stats is also a great idea. An employers may look at it and not think much to it but if you limited your self to x number of polys and texture size for a specific reason it looks more impressive.

    In short, Mr Ninjitsu is a great example of how to display your work at all its stages. Now, I don't want you to copy him wholesale as that's not fair as he has his style and it certainly is working for him but it is an effective way and one that we have covered later in the course.

    Plus in light of recent bones of contention on the forums it does act as a means of showing your thought process and methods which are just as important as the final outcome. This isnt just my thoughts, we've had other companies offer this as advice for showing work.

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    so copy Ninjutsu? got it! Nah, nice info actually, I need to start doing it as my portfolio only shows finished work renders.

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    Gonna get some decent stuff done before I put to much crap in my portfolio.

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    Thanks for the mention Jason.

    Yeah it's all about showing off. And to as best as you can. Like Jason said, you've put so much time and effort into a model, you really don't want to undersell it.So you have to show all of it, so people can see it and not only that understand how you have done it (via wireframes and UV Maps), good job on posting this Jason i echo everything you've mentioned.

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    Any chance you guys can post some examples of well presented pieces and what makes them effective? Think it'd be pretty handy to have a form of visual guide you know?


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