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Hi and thanks for looking. We require more artists for this small but manageable game. The game is set in 2.5D. The game will be of the platform genre but with new elements added to it.

We are aiming to sell this game but who knows. The team so far consists of (1 professional programmer in c# and JavaScript, 3 artists and a designer (me lol) we also have 1 sound engineer to sound better than it is lol also a pro DJ for the soundtrack We are looking to have fun with this game and make it a team effort (deciding on new elements, what can be added + more)

The mechanics and art bible are near completed and the story is completed.

People we need;
concept artists
3d modellers
more animators
texture artists

now also if you join you will have full input in the game and how it is developed

here is some art for the game (Main character)



TEAM EFFORT not a 1 man band

now if i have done anything wrong in asking for people to join our team please let me know but please don't shoot me down just started to fly

A little story of the game: well just a taster
Mad Doc
The Evil doc works in his lab creating weird creatures from biological creations to mechanical ones. He is hell bound on creating the perfect creation. All his life he was bullied and picked on for his big nose and head which is twice the average size from anyone else.

From a young age he had no friends he walked to school himself and fantasised about having friends the only things that he thought of as friends where his toys. He always tried to fit into school but no one liked him because of his big head and nose. Then one day he was sitting in his bedroom by himself and was thinking “what if i was able to make my own friend that liked me and walked to school with me”.

A couple of days later he was at school – he was walking through the corridor and seen some of the kids who picked on him “ Oh No” he thought so he tried to turn around and walk the other way but he was corned by the other bullies. They all surrounded him in a big circle shouting “ Nostril head nostril head” He ran out of the crowd and headed straight back home he rushed upstairs went into his bedroom and slammed the door “ That’s it I will make my own friend the biggest and coolest thing anyone has ever seen then everyone will be begging to become my friend”. So he then decided to start designing his friend he was thinking all night “what can I create what will be the best thing ever”
The next day he thought “Today is the Day I create my friend moohahahah”. He then ran downstairs he noticed his parents were sitting down in the sitting room his father was reading the daily paper and his mother was reading here horoscopes. So he sneaked into the kitchen looking to see what he can use to create his friend “Well i can’t make one with ketchup, knives, what else is in here then “PING” it was his microwave ahah “I will use this thing “ THEMitowave or whatever it is”
He tip toed back upstairs went into his room and closed his door *”CRASH” “BANG” “ PING” “KNOCK” “SMACK” – A couple of hours later he came out of his bedroom carrying his new friend he ran out to his back garden placed it on the evergreen grass in his typical American suburbia.
He then turned his friend on ‘made from the microwave a remote control and his toy robot’ controlling it with the robots control and an extended infrared receiver from the control he shouted “Rise Rise My new best friend RISSSSSSSSEEEEE” His friend started to extend upwards Evil Doc was laughing “mwahahahaha” “Hmmm What should i call you 1, 2, 3 Aha i will call you Charles no Charlie yes Charlie” He was thinking how cool he was going to be when he went into school with Charlie tomorrow “ Everyone is going to love you Charlie” Although Charlie couldn’t talk back Evil Doc used the remote control for Charlie to nod his head
The next day Evil Doc walked to school with his head help up high thinking “ I am going to be SOOOOOO Cool I can’t Wait” walking down the street heading to school he saw the group off bullies and said “c’mon Charlie let’s go see them they will be begging to be my friend “ They walked over to the group and Evil Doc said with his weird crackling squeaking voice “Hey guys check this out i made him yesterday isn’t he sooooooo cool” The bullies turned and all started laughing “ Check nostril head with his new bessssssssttttt Friend another bully turned and looked it was Hunter the biggest bully of them all. He was so popular in school played sports all the girls liked him and so did everyone’s parents. He said “what the hell is that nostril head you weirdo” everyone started laughing Evil Doc replied it’s my new invention. The doc didn’t want them to know that it was his friend.
Hunter asked: What is it? Evil Doc replied “hmmmmm i don’t actually know” Hunter said “would you like some help finding this out” Evil Doc thought “Yes he loves Charlie” Evil doc said yes of course hunter. So hunter went into his school bag and got a can of pop opened Charlie through in the can of pop closed the door turned the timer and power to full then kicked Charlie away from them and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Charlie exploded and the pop short circuited him.
Evil Doc shouted “Nooooooooooooooo” the bullies and Hunter just turned and walked away laughing.
Evil Doc ran over to Charlie to see if he was ok “ What have they done to you” He said he then looked into the sky holding Charlie and shouted “from this day on I will create every possible thing i can to defeat and crush every single bully on this planet”

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