View Full Version : Wacom "Dare with Bamboo" Competition

05-18-2010, 11:13 AM
Thought this would appeal to some of you.

The aim of the competition is to develop a Flash game for Bamboo Pen and Touch Tablets

The Bamboo Dock platform from Wacom makes it easy to create a game that uses pen and multi touch functionality. If you are familiair with Adobe Flash or Flex, the Bamboo Dock SDK and tools enable you to leverage pen pressure, gestures and other features of pen tablets for your game play.

Participating in this competition not only gives you a chance to win great prizes. Your game also has a chance to be published to hundreds of thousands of Bamboo users worldwide though Bamboo Dock. This small desktop application that comes with a Bamboo tablet, acts as gateway to a wide range of apps and games.

Your game will be judged by experts from the Games industry and Wacom. Use your own imagination to find original ways in which Bamboo tablets make playing games more fun or engaging than conventional mouse and keyboard. The maturity of your game is not so important but ensure that it runs stable and bug free.

You can join this competition as an individual or small team. Just fill in the registration form and you can start right away.

If you intrested, registration ends on May 31, 2010 and application submissions end on July 11, 2010

Info can be found here - http://mini-developer.wacom.eu/DareWithBamboo.mvc