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02-21-2013, 02:12 PM
Hi all,

We’ve set up a call with Microsoft BizSpark to take place on Tuesday 5th of March at 4.00pm. It would be great if you can join us for a discussion about the network and what you as student studios can get out of it.

For those of you unaware of Microsoft BizSpark, it is a network of support for start-ups who register to receive free Microsoft software and advice when setting up as a business http://www.microsoft.com/bizspark/ It has some great opportunities for start-up gaming studios.

The discussion will be a chance to hear what BizSpark can do for aspiring studios, hear from other start-ups how they are using BizSpark and to ask questions technical or otherwise. If you cannot attend and would like to submit a question or two, drop me a direct message through the forum and I will ask it for you. We’ll be recording the discussion and distributing on the Train2Game blog, so everyone can hear the exchange.

If you would like to join the call, drop me a direct message through the forum. Make sure to invite your teams and other Train2Game students who may be interested, anyone who would like to join can register interest.

If anyone would like to join BizSpark, we have a Train2Game partner account so we can get you fast tracked on to the network and you’ll be associated to us. By acting as a collective we carry more clout and can support each other. Drop me a direct message and I can supply further details.

All the best,

02-28-2013, 11:23 AM

Last chance to register interest and submit questions. Drop me a DM if you would like to join or ask anything.

This is a great opportunity which you should take advantage of.


02-28-2013, 12:01 PM
Hey Harry,

Just saw the message! Count me in for the meeting :) Will possibly bring team members, but it may just be me :)