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  1. Student Project Recruitment Guidelines.
  2. Anyone interested in making an Arma 2 mod ?
  3. Recruitment Spiel! [BlackFox Studios]
  4. Whole team needed game idea(the devils bible)
  5. How Long ... UDK
  6. Swing for six, looking for 5th member to enter Dare to be Digital contest.
  7. Paid GUI Steampunk Artist Required
  8. Newbies Project - RPG Maker (Or Suggestions)
  9. Programmer request to work on Train2Game project with SpecialEffect
  10. Team Members wanted for Game Idea in UDK
  11. Looking for a small development team
  12. Small Development Team
  13. How Long Project Update - Other Projects
  14. Small Development Team
  15. UDK level designer/builder needed
  16. Any art team members about and 3D Modelers??
  17. Offering my RPG MAKER VX Skills
  18. lets get together to create (something, anything)
  19. New QA student, at your service!
  20. 2d artist needed for platformer project(unpaid)
  21. Experienced artist with some free time....
  22. A Chance to boost your CV and Portfolio!
  23. UDK - Project Recruitment for Third Person Action/Hack'n'Slash Game (No experience)
  24. Designers Needed
  25. Ambition awaits those not faint of the heart...
  26. QA Team wanted (7)
  27. Starter Development Team
  28. BlackFox Studios looking for 2 experienced developers with a handle on C++ and OpenGL
  29. Our Game Studio Needs You!
  30. Recruitment for a Horror game
  31. Aqua Pirata Studios Searching for Developers and Artists!
  32. First person startegy(complex teamplay) game
  33. Looking to join a team
  34. Mytho needs some programmers
  35. Programmer - Looking for a team
  36. Mytho needs Artists
  37. Dream Harvest - Looking for Collaborators
  38. Designer - Looking for a team
  39. Devils Inc. Studios - New Opportunity
  40. Dungeon Age - Text based adventure for smartphones and tablets - Developer needed
  41. Looking to make 2D games
  42. Indie Team seeking code monkey
  43. Looking for a Project
  44. SkyRiderZ Inc seeking coder for Android + IOS title
  45. [Possibly Paid] Looking for 1 environment artist and 1 character - 2D spritework
  46. Help in Unity 3d projects
  47. Sound Designer / Composer - Looking for project teams
  48. Mytho looking for a level designer.
  49. Looking for a Programer or 2
  50. Praxis Studios needs more staffs! using the unresl engine 3
  51. Voidwalker Studios hiring for a large indie RTS Game!
  52. programmers needed for android OS
  53. IDEAL FOR T2G STUDENTS!!!!!! Team required to create mobile games.
  54. New Startup Recruiting
  55. Slipstreem Studios
  56. Merkury games recruitment thread
  57. Studio looking for someone to create short videos for marketing and promotional work
  58. Want to be apart of the accelerator program???? Look here.
  59. Looking to join a team?
  60. Microsoft Accelerator Programme
  61. Game Jam in Derry, Northern Ireland, 13/09/2013
  62. Litfuse Games - looking for a UNITY-GAME DESIGNER
  63. Voluntary: Unrealscript Programmer needed! :D (may lead to employment if lucky ;)
  64. Devils Inc. - GUI Artwork
  65. Request for Artistic assistance
  66. Urgent Programmers Needed
  67. Devils Inc Studios Recruitment Drive V2.0
  68. NemesisArts Recruiting
  69. Programmer and possible Artist for small 2D Game.
  70. Sound engineer/designer/artist needed for multiple projects-Merkury games
  71. Looking for a Level Designer with experience in UDK
  72. 2D Artist needed for project
  73. Artist/Developer required for game...
  74. Content Producer / Level Editor Required
  75. Project Coxistence looking for team members
  76. programmer and (possibly) artist wanted for mobile/tablet game/application
  77. Artists and Developers required to work on MMO and survival/horror games
  78. Gamesalad experienced developer and 2d Artist for Zombies Go BOOM!!!
  79. Commando Kiwi looking for talent!
  80. Character drawings
  81. 2d/concept/sprite artist needed
  82. Looking for an artist and developer for input on relevant GGD topics
  83. Recruiting Artists/Coders and Testers!
  84. A Studio in the making
  85. Programmer needed for small projects...
  86. Devils Inc Studios Recuiting ^--^
  87. looking for team for a new game
  88. can someone help with a model im creating?
  89. [recruitment] Audio artist for a small game
  90. Looking for programmer
  91. [recruitment] Needed testers and a blogger/socialist for a small iOS game
  92. [Recruitment] Pixel Artist/Concept Artist - Fixed
  93. [Writer/Designer Needed]Text-based rpg. stoy of a dragon.
  94. Mytho recruitment thread
  95. Serenity Games - Farshade: The Diaspora War
  96. Player Character
  97. Team Spartan Want You For Game Jam 2014!!!!
  98. Team Wolfwash Wants You (Game Jam 2014)
  99. Student studio collaboration
  100. Looking for some talented guys and girls
  101. Dream Harvest Games - Looking for an additional 2D Generalist Artist
  102. Future T Gaming
  103. [RECRUITING] Venomous PIXEL Studios - Galaxies Unbound
  104. Hero Training Facility - Members needed!
  105. Alone - A 2.5D Side-Scrolling Survival Game
  106. Developer needed for End of line Studios
  107. animators wanted for "celebrity deathmatch" style animations
  108. 'ROCKET GUY' needs game developers/programmers
  109. BadHabit Studios Looking For a Artist/3D Modeler/Animator
  110. Android device QA/Testers wanted
  111. Looking for some talented guys and girls (3D artist/python coder) for a project
  112. Devils Inc Studios - Project - 002
  113. Team RavenEye RECRUITMENT
  114. Tester Required
  115. Paid Digital Creative Internship
  116. Mytho Games looking for Designer
  117. Brain Dead Studios looking for volounteers :)
  118. Looking for artists to join a Unity project
  119. Rounded Squarish Recruiting
  120. 2d/3d animator commission
  121. End of Line Studios - Looking for artists for 2d work [unpaid]
  122. help with porfolio project
  123. Does anyone want to start a project for fun?
  124. Game Nuts Studio - looking for 2D artist
  125. Devils Inc Studios - Only One Project
  126. Need an artist?
  127. [ROYALTY] UE4 Developers Wanted. (+ Additional Positions)
  128. New game developing team starting up! Join now!
  129. Newly registered company recruiting 3 3D artists and 1 programmer
  130. Deuxality Games seraching for new talent
  131. The Pollenator - team wanted for side-scrolling shooter
  132. Work Work Oh Work!
  133. Looking for a 2D cartoon style artist
  134. Flawless Studios - Seeking Talented Folk!
  135. Bear Games looking for artist/animator, Developer
  136. Designer looking to start first project with others.
  137. 3D artist required
  138. Searching For QA
  139. Game Nuts Studio - looking for 2D artist
  140. QA tester wanted for real time strategy game
  141. Offering my services for free
  142. Looking for a Concept Artist
  143. Co-designer for sci-fi RPG mod 'Judas In The Smoke'
  144. Green box games recruitment
  145. Offering publishing services for students - offer backed officially by Train2Game
  146. Web Development / Mobile Application development work experience.
  147. Bear-Games student studio looking for artists and programmers.
  148. In need of an animator
  149. Making a 2D game.
  150. Looking for artists and animators!
  151. Looking for a Game Designer
  152. QA and Level Designer Required - Experienced or Inexperienced
  153. Looking for help from artist
  154. MG Games is recruiting
  155. SolarFlare Studios Recruiting
  156. Book Illustrator Required!
  157. Designer wanted
  158. [PAID] - Offload your old projects
  159. Volunteer Programmer needed for VR